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Unveiling the evolution of our project


Step into a new era of healthcare communication with StaffApp MD's refreshed online presence. Belchoice, a leading force in Webflow development, collaborated with StaffApp MD to elevate their brand and craft an engaging marketing website. Our focus on branding and the marketing site aimed to encapsulate the essence of StaffApp MD's commitment to efficient healthcare solutions.

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In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, the challenge lies in conveying complex offerings in a clear, compelling manner.

StaffApp MD faced the need to effectively communicate its features – from team and patient communication to document management and employee coordination. This called for a marketing site that would succinctly convey these intricacies and set the stage for user engagement.

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Enter Belchoice, the architect behind the transformation. Through meticulous research and competitor analysis, we crafted a comprehensive solution. Our team redefined the site structure, developed a detailed sitemap, and implemented a responsive, multi-page design on Webflow. Leveraging the power of CMS, we seamlessly integrated a blog for dynamic content updates.

The platform is now not only visually appealing but also offers unparalleled functionality, custom-tailored to meet the unique business processes of StaffApp MD.

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Website revamp process


Analyze competitors and target audience

Create content

Write SEO-friendly relatable content


Sketch out the website to align the user needs


Built the website on Webflow platform


Integrate functional forms and set up animation

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Launching the website to the market

Design Timeline

Our achievement in the journey depicted in numbers

1-2 weeks
Content Creation
3-4 weeks
5-6 weeks
Development on Webflow
7-8 weeks
Interactivity and Functionality
Testing and Launch
01 - Rsearch
- Briefing
- Identify primary goals
- Research target audience
- Analyze competitors
- Outline unique selling propositions (USPs)
02 - Content Creation
- Write SEO-friendly headlines
- Upload and optimize high-quality multimedia elements
- Ensure proper alt text to enhance accessibility
- Create engaging and informative content
- Incorporate reviews or case studies to build trust.
- Brand identity
- Design Main Cases
- Design Edge Cases
- Illustration creation
- Ui kit
04 - Development on Webflow
- Configure project settings (including SEO)
- Assets Preparing
- Translate from Figma to Webflow
05 - Interactivity and Functionality
- Animation set up
-Place clear and compelling CTAs strategically
- Set up form submissions and notifications
06 - Testing and Launch
- Optimize page speed and load times
- Integrate Google Analytics or other tools
- Testing on different devices
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Analyzing the results of our work

The outcome is nothing short of remarkable. StaffApp MD's digital presence now mirrors its commitment to excellence. Our branding and marketing efforts successfully transformed the website. The revamped structure and design enhance the user experience, effectively conveying the platform's capabilities and fostering engagement.

User engagement has soared, with a notable increase in page views and prolonged visit durations. The dynamic blog, seamlessly integrated through CMS, keeps the content fresh and relevant, establishing StaffApp MD as an authoritative voice in the healthcare technology landscape.The enhanced branding has not only solidified StaffApp MD's position in the market but has also contributed to increased brand recognition.

The website's responsive design ensures accessibility from any device, expanding the reach and impact of StaffApp MD's message.

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rave reviews

What Our Clients Say About Us

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”At StaffApp MD, we recognized the need for a compelling online presence to convey the depth of our medical software solutions. Belchoice delivered beyond our expectations. Their expertise in Webflow development and creative prowess in branding transformed our marketing site into an engaging portal. We highly recommend Belchoice for their commitment to excellence and innovative solutions”

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CEO StaffApp MD
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They helped us find the most logical and cost-effective solution and delivered a robust UX design. Diligent and reliable, the team adhered to the project timeline and exhibited strong communication skills. Overall, they were a helpful partner keen on producing only the most well-thought-out solutions.

Chelsea Rowe
Founder and CEO of Gritwell
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The responsiveness and mobile optimization of the website were also top-notch, catering to the increasing number of mobile users. Additionally, Belchoice team's commitment to launching the project on time and within budget was commendable.

Mike Grey
Growth Manager at Trustsale
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The post-launch support provided by Belchoice was also remarkable. They continued to be responsive to inquiries or maintenance requests, ensuring that my website remained in optimal condition. This level of dedication and ongoing support sets Belchoice apart from other web development companies.

Anne Lawes
Head of Marketing at Superagency
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The development team demonstrated an in-depth understanding of the platform, harnessing its capabilities to deliver a website that surpassed my expectations. The site looked stunning and performed flawlessly across different devices and browsers.

Ilya Ozerets
Product Expert and Entrepreneur
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