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Our Project Triumphs with Web Excellence Award!

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Twice Impressive: Our Site Recognized as Best Again!

Website for our partner Instaloper has just been honored with the prestigious award and we couldn't be more thrilled! In a competition featuring over 900 entries from 21 countries, our project stood out among industry leaders. Being acknowledged on an international stage highlights our talent, diversity, and innovative spirit.

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Unveiling the evolution of our project


This project showcases our collaboration with a forward-thinking product development studio Instaloper specializing in IT product creation. Our mission was to design a website that not only highlighted their proficiency in product development, but also significantly boosted their conversion rates. Dive into the details of our journey below.

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Software product development studio needed a platform that effectively conveyed their expertise in IT product development, showcasing their innovative approach and impressive portfolio.

They sought to improve their conversion rates to turn visitors into loyal clients. Their existing website fell short in both aspects, hindering their growth potential.

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Our solution was a comprehensive redesign and reimagining of the studio’s website on Webflow.

We started by creating a user-centric design that highlighted their portfolio, while also incorporating visually appealing elements to establish a strong brand identity.

We employed persuasive call-to-actions strategically throughout the site to guide visitors toward conversion.

The site's responsiveness and performance optimization further ensured an exceptional user experience.

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Website revamp process


Analyze competitors and target audience

Create content

Write SEO-friendly relatable content


Sketch out the website to align the user needs


Built the website on Webflow platform


Integrate functional forms and set up animation

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Launching the website to the market

Design Timeline

Our achievement in the journey depicted in numbers

1-2 weeks
Content Creation
3-4 weeks
5 weeks
Development on Webflow
6-7 weeks
Interactivity and Functionality
Testing and Launch
01 - Rsearch
- Briefing
- Identify primary goals
- Research target audience
- Analyze competitors
- Outline unique selling propositions (USPs)
02 - Content Creation
- Write SEO-friendly headlines
- Upload and optimize high-quality multimedia elements
- Ensure proper alt text to enhance accessibility
- Create engaging and informative content
- Incorporate reviews or case studies to build trust.
- Brand identity
- Design Main Cases
- Design Edge Cases
- Illustration creation
- Ui kit
04 - Development on Webflow
- Configure project settings (including SEO)
- Assets Preparing
- Translate from Figma to Webflow
05 - Interactivity and Functionality
- Animation set up
-Place clear and compelling CTAs strategically
- Set up form submissions and notifications
06 - Testing and Launch
- Optimize page speed and load times
- Integrate Google Analytics or other tools
- Testing on different devices
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Analyzing the results of our work

Our strategy in web development and design centers on enhancing the customer experience. We initiate the process by gaining a deep understanding of our clients and their target audience, allowing us to craft a website that resonates authentically with their users. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology and design principles, we produce visually stunning and user-friendly websites. Moreover, we implement search engine optimization to bolster online visibility and aid businesses like Instsloper  in reaching a broader audience and expanding their digital footprint.

In pursuit of our client's objectives, Belchoice meticulously fashioned a sleek and contemporary website design, emphasizing bold typography and vibrant imagery. The chosen design elements were thoughtfully curated to accentuate Instaloper's core messages and value proposition. The website's responsive design ensures an optimal viewing experience across various devices.


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rave reviews

What Our Clients Say About Us

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From the initial consultation to the launch, the entire process was seamless and professional. Development team demonstrated an exceptional level of expertise and attention to detail, ensuring that my website not only met my requirements but also showcased my brand effectively.

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Mary Wilson
Product Manager at Instaloper
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They helped us find the most logical and cost-effective solution and delivered a robust UX design. Diligent and reliable, the team adhered to the project timeline and exhibited strong communication skills. Overall, they were a helpful partner keen on producing only the most well-thought-out solutions.

Chelsea Rowe
Founder and CEO of Gritwell
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The responsiveness and mobile optimization of the website were also top-notch, catering to the increasing number of mobile users. Additionally, Belchoice team's commitment to launching the project on time and within budget was commendable.

Mike Grey
Growth Manager at Trustsale
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The post-launch support provided by Belchoice was also remarkable. They continued to be responsive to inquiries or maintenance requests, ensuring that my website remained in optimal condition. This level of dedication and ongoing support sets Belchoice apart from other web development companies.

Anne Lawes
Head of Marketing at Superagency
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The development team demonstrated an in-depth understanding of the platform, harnessing its capabilities to deliver a website that surpassed my expectations. The site looked stunning and performed flawlessly across different devices and browsers.

Ilya Ozerets
Product Expert and Entrepreneur
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